Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jinx Schwartz's Blog

It's summer, stupid!
Okay, call me a wimp, but I love air conditioning.
Our first two years in the Sea of Cortez, 1990 and 1991, we stayed through the summer, snookered by two uncommonly cool seasons. And, we had AC.
July 11, 1991, the total eclipse of the sun was an event of chilling proportions. No AC needed that day when, around noon, the sun went out and frissons of excitement shivered our timbers, mate.
This summer we will return to the Sea in July, lured by warm, clear water and, yep, our air conditioned boat.
After a day of writing in cooled air comfort, we will chug from the hot and muggy marina in late afternoon, snorkel, swim and enjoy a cooling ride back after sunset. Once back at the dock, on goes the AC.
What can I say, sea wench or no, I am also a sea wimp.

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