Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Missing in Action

No, not lazy, just very busy.
Moved, had open house (complete with Mariachi band), final edit of Just Add Trouble, then debut book signing for same.
But now I am on the boat in San Carlos, and getting ready to write my little heart out.
Problem is, Hetta is nagging me to do another Just Add ??? immediately, if not sooner, but my muse (or whatever lofty term writers use for inspiration) is singing a siren's song, pulling me in a different direction.
For years I have been contemplating another Texas saga; not a sequel to The Texicans, but a turn-of-century epic set in the Texas Hill Country. I swore I would never do another historical (WAY to much research) but I just re-read Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove. It struck me that he captured an era, and he did it all from the hip. At least I lived some of the story I have in mind and, like my Land of Mountains, I have a hankering to write it down with great embellishments.
Anyhow, as I bounce back and forth, making outlines for both books, I figure my muse has been nipping Tequila down at the cantina and is not thinking straight.
I wait, impatiently, for an epiphany.

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