Saturday, November 3, 2007

Swap meet and Barry Goldwater

Today we went to a cruisers' swap meet in San Carlos, Mexico, and ended up on the front porch of 1st Mate (
Bliss and I have been trading e-mails and blogs, but had never met until today, when I ended up selling books off her front porch.
"Hold ye hardy, mate," you might say, "wasn't this a boaters' swapmeet?"
Yep, and it was my hubby who suggested I thrown out a few books, along with an inverter we no longer need, some shaft zincs for a boat that sunk, and other bilge-ish treasures. I actually sold two books, which almost offset a set of plastic glasses, flag holder, and altimeter I bought.
"Just one minute," you might ask, "what's an altimeter doing at a boaters' swap meet, and what would ever possess you to buy it? Hell, the only boat that might need an altimeter is a submarine."
I can justify my purchase, even though finding an altimeter at this type of tiangus (Spanish for swap meet) was totally unexpected. Let's face it, an altimeter on a boat is about as useful as teats on a boar. I mean, we know we are at sea level, which is at zero feet.
The seller was slightly astonished to sell this instrument. He'd brought it along for a touch of humor, and was hawking it loudly over derisive comments from his fellow swappers. When I made the purchase (and his day) the derison was turned on me.
So I explained, several times: Years ago, I saw a picture of Barry Goldwater's desk in Arizona, and tore out the page. His desk, custom made, was fashioned to look like an airplane instrument panel, complete with, you guessed it, an altimeter. I plan to do the same with mine, which will also house my ham radio--as did his.
I actually talked to him on ham radio eons ago, and when I saw that photo of where he sat while chatting with me, I kept it.
Laugh you may, but one of these days I'll post a picture of my Barry Goldwater desk, and you will all be green with envy!


1st Mate said...

Looking forward to the picture of your version of BG's desk. The altimeter won't ever need to be fixed, that's the best part.

1st Mate said...

Hey, Amiga, wanna play a blogging game? Tag, you're it. Go to if you want in. If you don't, no problem.

Jinx Schwartz said...

Hi Bliss, I tried your link to bad dog and no go. jinx