Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's snowing; let's play golf

We are in Arizona, and as I write this, I am looking out my window at golfers--my hubby included--playing in a snow/rain/wind storm.
A non-golfer (I tell people I have way too much self-respect to take up the game) I sat here, shaking my head and passing judgement on their lack of, well, judgement, when I had a light bulb over the head moment: writing and golf have a great deal in common.
With the exception of the Tigers of the world, most golfers never get any monetary reward. With the exception of the Steven Kings of the world, neither do writers.
Golfers spend long hours chasing their dream. Writers spend long hours doing the same.
Golf is not a hobby, it is an addiction. Ditto writing.
Golfers repeatedly face disappointment and rejection. Ever seen my stack of reject letters?
Both golfers and writers strive for the elusive hole-in-one, and both remain optimistic it will happen. However, that does not preclude the occasional temper tantrum. Or, in my case, a Texas hissy fit.
We both work hard to improve our craft and we both get better with practice.
So, what is the difference between golfers and writers? Well, for one thing we do NOT write out in the snow!

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1st Mate said...

Yes, you can stay warm, and have a cup of hot tea (or a glass of wine, or whatever) in easy reach, and blessed solitude. Much better than golf. And anyway, you do have a few trophies to show.